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Many employers let their employees know that "the riskiest thing you will do during your work day is to drive to and from work". And it is true. According to the World Health Organization driving accidents account for over $500 billion worth of damages and are the leading cause of deaths among the 18-24 year old age group. With consideration of all driver age groups, the World Health Organization ranks driving as the 9th leading cause of death worldwide. With increased motorization and assuming no changes in behaviour, this figure is expected to rise, ranking driving among the top 3 causes of mortality (death rate). Driving is the primary cause of death within the transportation industry, and at Reilly Transfer Ltd. we estimate our drivers will accumulate 6 million miles per year, driving on pavement and most other roads and in every condition imaginable.

In the spring of 2011, we took a long hard look at our systems and determined that having a safety professional, working full time, was required to bring our safety systems to the level of "World Class". A full evaluation with employees at all levels began and several opportunities were prioritised on a working follow up list. A re-write of our Safety Manual & Driver Manual were among the immediate priorities which along with many other improvements in our safety systems maintains our "continual improvement" direction.

We are adopting a behavioural approach to our safety program and have made many changes and improvements. One change was the inclusion of the many behaviours professional drivers exhibit (some driving millions of miles in their careers without an accident) into our training program. We expect drivers at Reilly Transfer Ltd. to exhibit these same behaviours...our clients, customers and our community expect nothing less.

It is mandatory for all new drivers to attend our "Driver Orientation" before going out on the road and our driver mentoring program ensures all practices and procedures are well understood. All existing drivers must keep their skills up to date with periodic refresher courses, i.e. we have adopted the Schlumberger "Drive Smart" driver training program. A yearly assessment (road test) also ensures driving behaviours conform to expectations.

Our fleet is equipped with GPS tracking units and ongoing audits ensure vehicles are driven within Company established parameters. Dispatchers are immediately notified of anything outside of our "norms".

We are in the process of implementing a comprehensive driving management system designed to consolidate, leverage and augment the best practices of our various clients to eliminate accidents through training, communication, in-depth accident reviews and more importantly through pre-accident observation indicators. Technological changes are rampant in our industry and we continue to assess these technologies to ensure our safety results are the best in the industry.

We welcome external feedback from our existing clients and in fact have received two client driven audits over the last twelve months where we were graded well above expectations. Reilly Transfer Ltd. received SECOR certification in 1999 and as our employees and fleet increased, became a COR certified company in 2006. We have always enjoyed the benefit of a WCB discount (the maximum discount over the last three years) with an "Employer Premium Rate" consistently less than industry due to ongoing superior safety results. Our most recent External AMTA COR Audit scored the health of our H&S system at 96%.

Every simple safety violation and near miss will be investigated to the fullest ensuring we correct minor behaviours and conditions with the same tenacity that we would for a more serious one. Corrections, changes as well as disciplinary measures can be expected...we must be as caring and concerned prior to a serious accident as we would be after the fact.

Our family and friends expect us to come home at the end of the day with our health and safety not having been negatively affected because our systems weren't " world class" or worse, we didn't " walk the talk". Our premise toward safety is this..."It isn't simply about putting a person behind the wheel; it's about putting that same professional driver behind the wheel each and every day of their career because they really do know how to do it safely".

Although we are proud to have won two Safe Workplace Awards from the Alberta Government, we will not "rest on our laurels" as there is always opportunity to improve our ability to deliver world class safety results. Your cargo is our business, and we want to make sure it gets to the right place, quickly and safely. This is what the industry expects and Reilly Transfer Ltd. is here to meet that expectation.


Robin Peterman
HSE Manager - Reilly Transfer
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